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Fertilized tree

Our Story

We have been growing plumeria since 1997 but like most people in the plumeria world you have a story about that one plumeria that started it all.  For some, it is a trip to Hawaii, for others your dad had this huge tree or you just stumbled across this amazing plant by happen chance...well lucky you.  Our story on how this plant became such a huge part of our life goes like this. We were looking at a house many years ago and we saw this plumeria plant just laying on the ground basically thrown in the planter.  I am not talking about a cutting but a whole plant roots and all, like someone wanted it gone out of the garden.  I just remember seeing it  and saying, plumeria have the most beautiful flowers and we can save this plant all you have to do is "stick it in the ground"  Needless to say we did not buy that house but that plumeria got a home and we did save it and thus our story begins.  So if you are interested in finding your first plumeria or like many people your next one, we are the place to start.

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